I'm an enthusiastic Creative and Product Leader, with experience working at competitive Tech companies like Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft. I've also dabbled in both digital and tabletop gaming at and Hasbro (Wizards of the Coast), respectively.
I have a depth of experience designing and executing innovative products, and running high performing, diverse teams that operate at scale—and have fun. I’ve guided teams through organizational change, challenging timelines and budgets, and more. I leverage a spirit of human-centered design not just for product development, but for operational excellence as well. 
I am a wife, human mother, dog mom 🐕‍🦺, artist, athlete, aspiring writer, aquascapist 🐟🌱, organized mess, singer, cold water plunger, hot sauna drencher, *avid* champion of good mental health practices (for everyone), breast cancer survivor, middle child, Floridian by birth 🦩, PNW'er by choice, paddle boarder, emoji user 🫥, chess student, rock collector 🪨, and coffee lover. 
Hey. 👋

Masters Degree, M.S. Media Arts & Sciences
Media Lab, Aesthetics+Computation Group
Advisor: John Maeda
Lightweight Women's Crew (coach, freshman boat)
Bachelors Degree, B.S. Mathematics w/ Computer Science
Minor, Women’s Studies
Lightweight Women's Crew (rower)
Plush Daddy Fly (sketch comedy troop)
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