I never had formal design training, so I worked during undergrad and grad school at MIT on a variety of printed material at the coaching of Prof. John Maeda. I'll assemble as much as I can find of it here, for posterity, as I run across it on old disks and whatnot.
This is a postcard I made to advertise our class exhibition, when I was a student in John Maeda's MAS.110 Fundamentals of Computational Media Design. (May, 2000)

postcard front
postcard back
Below is a poster that I created to advertise a talk at the lab from guest speaker Gillian Crampton Smith (April, 2002)
Below are the front and back of a bookmark that I made for the launch party of the book "Bringing Down the House" (December, 2002)
My good friend is the "main" character in the book (now movie). He asked me to make bookmarks to hand out to everyone who attended the party.
Below is the inside and outside of a fold-over card that we made for one of the sponsor events at the MIT Media Lab (called Sk1n). (January, 2003)

outside (folds horizontally across the middle)
inside (folds horizontally across the middle)
This next piece is a postcard that I made to advertise a show we were having at the Cooper Union in NYC. (September, 2000)
For another course, I created some business cards to advertise our exhibition. Another student did the drawings, and I did the card designs.
Our theme for the show was "It worked 5 minutes ago!" because that is pretty much what every homework assignment was like...!​​​​​​​
I can't even remember if these went to print, but they were informational cards about a new bar (Limbo) that my friend was opening, in downtown Boston. (February 2003)

An oldie, not necessarily a goodie... I made this while interning at a startup called "CircleLending" in Boston. They wanted a holiday card that incorporated their logo. (2001)
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