Mountain Molly. Yarn on Beeswax, Pine Sap, and Wood. 5x7. Dec 2017. Megan Galbraith Donahue. Tecate, MX.
This is the view during a morning hike at Rancho La Puerta, as Molly Davis came around the curve and the sun illuminated the scene with her in perfect silhouette. The balance of the mountains, boulders, Molly's figure, and the morning light took my breath away. These hikes rejuvenated my soul each morning.
Ode to Porkchop. Yarn on Beeswax, Pine Sap, and Wood. 5x7. Dec 2017. Megan Galbraith Donahue. Seattle, WA.​​
I started this the day before one of my favorite fish died. She had been looking a bit ill, and I wanted to capture her spirit before she got worse. I did not finish it until a few days after she died, but thankfully had taken a photograph of her that served as inspiration once I could no longer watch her swim.
Sisters. Yarn on Beeswax, Pine Sap, and Wood. 5x7. Sept 2018. Megan Galbraith Donahue. Seattle, WA.​​
A portrait of my mother and her sisters, who have each played an important role in my life as a child, young adult, and now as a middle aged mom. The women are so different and beautiful in their unique ways. I am blessed to have so many strong women in my life.
Spirit. Yarn on Beeswax, Pine Sap, and Wood. 5x7. Nov. 2018. Megan Galbraith Donahue. Seattle, WA.​​
The hummingbird is a messenger of hope, lightness, jubilation. They let you know that you can go anywhere you need to go. The only obstacle in your way is yourself. Hummingbirds seek out those that need inspiration and renewal. They found me this year, and for that I am forever grateful.

I began yarn painting while on sabbatical at Rancho La Puerto in Tecate, Mexico. 
I went on a morning hike and witnessed a beautiful moment that I felt compelled to capture in art... I tried to draw it, but could not get the scene right. As fate would have it, that afternoon I took a yarn painting class from the amazing Timothy Hinchliff ( I went straight to work transposing my memory to board & yarn. I completed it within about a week of my return to Seattle.
I immediately fell in love with this contemporary Mexican folk art, which is inspired by Hucihol traditions. However, I'm not Mexican. So, my yarn paintings will have an American spin. I feel a deep need to yarn paint in a way that's authentic to whom I am, my history, and my heritage... while still being inspired by the colors, energy, and story telling elements of Timothy's work and those before him.
​​​​​​​I hope you enjoy them!
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