Hi, I'm Megan.
I have an ascii soul and I like to chew bubblegum.

So, yeah. This is my site. I'm collecting all my random stuff together so that I don't lose it in our messy digital world. I'll be updating the site as I find old projects again, or as I start new ones.
A little about me, if you're interested:
In the 80's, I made my first digital fonts using Print Shop Companion,
my first animation with BASIC programming,
and sent my first email using Prodigy. 
I stuck with tech through my days at MIT,
where I learned to code websites writing HTML in Emacs,
made a fake ID (I was too scared to use) with Photoshop 4.0,
and built interactive garments as a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab.
Fast forward to 2018,
and I have worked in gaming (Shockwave.com),
consumer electronics (Apple, iPod division),
UX design (Microsoft Windows Phone design & Adobe Creative Cloud),
and machine learning (Adobe Sensei).
But, the older I get, the more I prefer to spend time
outside hiking in fresh air,
being with my daughter & husband,
yarn painting,
and drinking bourbon with friends.
I strive for a life of balance (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical), beauty, adventure & justice.
Also, I'm a Ravenclaw.