​​2017 - 2023
I discovered "Yarn Painting" (a traditional Huichol arts & craft technique) when I visited Mexico in 2017 and took a class from the amazingly talented Timothy Hinchliff (https://timothyhinchliff.com). Timothy's work is deeply symbolic and rich with stories that I love to hear him tell. 
My work is more representative of moments in time in my own life (as seen in Mountain Molly, Porkchop, or Mule Deer), but I'm experimenting with how to represent emotions, energies, and gratitude in my work (Spirit, Sisters, and Nourishment being some early attempts), and playing around with detail, perspective, and depth (Snitch, and the more recent WIP pieces that I've not completed yet). Each piece can take me anywhere from a month to several years to finalize.
Process wise, I do not plan in advance exactly what the piece will be. Instead, I prefer to start with a general feeling or concept and then see where the yarn takes me. 
Wood, Pine sap & beeswax mixture, Yarn
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