My husband and I love to decorate our own home in eclectic and personal ways. We recently worked together to redesign¬†what used to be a boring bedroom into the family's library and my office. We're currently redoing our kitchen. At some point, I hope to fill this page with more spaces in our home, and future projects we want to take on for family and friends. ūüę∂
Oh, and I also dabble in aquascaping! I've been keeping two different fully planted tanks going for about 4 years now. I'll be posting more images of them here, as they continue to evolve. 
PS. If you're interested in custom woodworking (shelving, furniture, etc.) you can reach out to my husband. He runs his own company. He built the card catalog, desk, and designed and installed the built-in shelving seen in the 3 library pics, above. His website is:
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